About Mindys Makes

Mindys Makes began in September 2010 after many suggestions from friends who liked the items I was creating for my son, my daughter and myself. After my son was born nine years ago, I used my mom’s sewing machine with my very basic knowledge of sewing (I could sew a mostly straight line) to make a baby blanket for my son. It was fun so I made blankets for my friends’ new children. Then I made burp cloths, took some lessons and received a new machine for Christmas. From there I explored and expanded.

Mindys Makes began with just me, Mindy. But my mom, Debbie, could not stay away. She loves to make things for her grandchildren and has been sewing for most of her life, so she gladly joined me and now we work together to make unique, fun and colorful items for young children. In addition to children’s items, I love taking a couple of pieces of fabric, playing around with them to shape them into purses.

Aside from creating and designing items to sell, I spend most of my time playing with my two children. I have a son who is nine and my daughter is seven. Before children, I spent my days educating high school students about the mysteries of the world, using physics.

Everything I make is something that I want to put on my daughter or son, or use myself. One of the hardest things about this business is not keeping the dresses, aprons and flannel pants for my own children. Often times, they come to visit me at the market and see something that they claim is “mine!”.

Mindys Makes started as an online business with little direction of where to sell, but as the year progressed and summer came along, I discovered the farmer’s market. It is a venue that I really enjoy and where I have found a little niche. I sell at other crafter’s shows, bazaars and street festivals in the area as well.